The Environmental Benefits of buying Used Jeans

Posted by Rasa J. on 1st May 2020

The Environmental Benefits of buying Used Jeans

The environmental benefits of buying second-hand clothes, particularly second-hand vintage jeans, are wide and varied – from reduced carbon emissions to saving up to 2,000 gallons of water per pair of jeans.

A study done in 2017 showed that by selling used clothes, the textile industry can help save approximately 190,000 tons of CO 2 emission and reduce water consumption by up to 18 billion gallons on a worldwide scale.

Garments bought through the used market significantly reduces the need to manufacture clothes using new materials, which can help manufacturers save plenty of resources. Synthetic fibres like polyester, for instance, require a lot of power and oil inputs to synthesise the fibres.

Here are more benefits of buying used Levis vintage jeans:

Textile waste

Buying used vintage jeans or used Levis vintage jeans from a trusted source like Fabb Fashion is a great way to counter the textile waste that results from people dumping their new jeans after only wearing them for the first few years.

In fact, many people discard their new jeans after wearing them for just a few months, particularly those who like to wear their jeans on a daily basis. As one might imagine, this generates a massive amount of waste. However, when you buy used vintage jeans and use them to their fullest capabilities, those same pair of jeans could take as many as 10 years before ever reaching a landfill.


Manufacturing garments, particularly something as robust as jeans, requires a lot of chemicals and water. With most manufacturers, it takes between 1,800 and 2,000 gallons of water to make a single pair of blue jeans.

By wearing the high-quality used vintage jeans available at Fabb Fashion, you can live a more sustainable life and play your part in saving the environment. The same water can be used to provide drinking water to less privileged areas around the world or in the upkeep of large gardens and botanical sites.


When you buy second-hand Levis vintage jeans, you are encouraging the developing of a recycling community.

When we think about it on a socio-economic level, buying used vintage jeans means that high-quality clothes are easily accessible to almost everyone.

Less clothing ending up in landfills

Each year, tonnes and tonnes of clothing ends up in landfills, particularly jeans. When these perfectly usable jeans get thrown away, they often sit in landfills for several hundred years – so you might imagine the amount of textile demand that keeps rising and the subsequent waste that follows.

Reduced pollution

Did you know that nearly 90% of the cotton that’s grown for textiles is genetically modified in some way or the other? This means that the garment manufacturing process is heavily dependant on pesticides. Since the denim used jeans is 100% cotton – people who prematurely throw away their jeans are directly responsible for acidifying the soil and contaminating nearby water supplies.

Switch to the authentic used Levis vintage jeans available at Fabb Fashion and help preserve the environment.