About us

No matter what time of the year it is, denim always seems to stay in fashion. It is comfortable, economical and it simply goes with everything! Hence, in order to provide you with access to a platform where you may buy top quality jeans at a significantly lower price, we have established Fabb Fashion LTD.

Fabb Fashion LTD an innovative venture based in Newark, whose sole purpose is to make available to you a variety of jeans from leading brands at reduced prices. We have been in the business for over 6 years and offer an extensive range of second hand jeans from some of the top brands including Levi’s, Diesel, G-star, Wrangler and Lee. In addition to these brands we also have included in our range low-cost used jeans from Levi's signature and other leading brands. 80% of our collection consists of top quality second hand jeans from Levi’s.

Our second hand jeans collection comprises of stylish jeans that are as good as new. As we say, we provide jeans that are ready to be loved again. Our main motivation behind starting a venture like vintage jeans was to provide you easy and convenient access to hand picked recycled jeans from some of the leading brands such as Levi’s, Diesel and Lee. Hence, we take great care to only include branded second hand jeans in our collection which promise quality and comfort.

Fabb fashion LTD is a small family business that is based on the foundation love, care, loyalty and trust. Therefore, we treat all our customers really well and their comfort and convenience is our topmost priority. Carefully collecting second hand jeans of leading brands like Levi’s, Diesel and Lee we provide you with the best at the best possible price. At Fabb fashion LTD, it is you who matters the most. We aim at delivering to your maximum satisfaction. Hence we provide jeans that are 'ready to be loved again’.

No matter in what style or cut you want to buy a pair of jeans, our vast collection at Vintage Jeans offers prime comfort and quality for all. Whether it is slim fit jeans that you are looking for or you want to go for the classic boot cut, all our jeans come with the tag of ready to be loved again. You can trust us with your money and we guarantee that we can help you find second hand jeans of your choice at a highly competitive price.

Before we put items up for sale, we carefully check them for quality assurance. In addition to this, we also take actual measurements so that you are able to get a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly.

Please note that we post all our items on the same day and we offer our complete co-operation in case you would want to return any of our products.

To place an order with us for a jeans that is top quality, low-cost and fits you perfectly, contact us now!